The quiet is what we yearn for sometimes. A sort of stillness with no noisy thoughts, no voices attacking you, no pain. A feeling that the world around you and all its recurring dents in humanity have seemed to have paused. Like there is no one else around you. Just you and silence.

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Nature Speaks.

Sometimes, the most simple things hold unfathomable meaning. The smallest things can teach us lessons for life. For me, Rain is like a story. A story of life and everything in between. Sometimes it’s a conversation between the skies and the earth. And sometimes it’s just music. Music of nature to which the world dances. All you have to do is listen.

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Usually, When I wake up and switch on my phone, I see heaps and heaps of suffering and anguish. Frankly, most of my days start like this. I wake up and thrown at me is a pile of darkness, fear, and disgust. Even before I step on the ground, it vanishes from beneath me. All that is left is a raging fire that burns every feeling of hope, if there even was any. You cannot escape it.

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The world we live in is not a great place, maybe it never was and maybe it never will be. Imperfection, after all, is only human. There will always be something stopping you, pushing you into that dark corner full of fear and angst, making you question yourself yet again ” Why ?” There will always be a voice in the deepest depths of your heart and mind dreading the future. A voice that will make you tremble at the possibilities that exist in a world we live in. The voice will taunt you, seize you and haunt you, but fear, after all, is also just human. You live in this world where you are surrounded by perpetual chaos and ambiguity. However, there is peace. There is solace. And it’s all around you.

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Our stifled voices are burning our souls, fighting our bodies, dying to come out. All they want is to change this impenitent world our country has become. These voices want to douse the flames of ignorance and dystopia in which our country is burning, before all that is left would be ashes and pieces of a legacy, legend or myth. A myth of a country great and powerful, united but colourful, a country that would soon be a figment of our imagination. These voices are chained to shackles of merciless injustice while our motherland is charred by the forces of greed, power and sheer brutality.

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