Anatomy of Fear.

I am born with flesh
Bones and skin,
And fear.
It courses within.

Unmolded, unleashed,
Imposed, retreat,
Stay, do not speak
Strings control me.

Ordered, suppressed,
This unrest,
It seems ordinary.
But it kills me.

Voice is caged,
Soul enraged,
Let me scream.
Let me be.

Deeming minds,
Scheming sights,
Bars of hate
With a untold fate.

Dark night,
Starry through,
Forces of shame
Pierce me through.

Restricted, covered
Insecurities beseeched.
The tissue that shelters me
Crumples my beat.

Voices haunt me,
Taunt me,
Spark my force,
Ashes of dreams left by their dose.

Suffocating, intoxicating
Slaves of fear.
Lone and ‘fraid,
Unknown tears.

This flesh, this skin,
These bones maybe same.
The rest is fear,
Through our veins it reigns.

10 Comments on “Anatomy of Fear.

  1. One of your most powerful pieces ever! A long wait well rewarded! Loved it!


  2. Journey of humans, the world over for last 12 months, described beautifully.True to the last word


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