Today it snowed.
The skies bestowed upon
An ivory – ness,
And the land turned
The shade of paper
On which I very so often
Ink my thoughts.

First it was dark
And as the grey clouds parted
And the sky glimmered
With an heavenly hue,
Little creations,
Ever so unique
Kissed my pane.

24 Comments on “Snowflakes

  1. Beautiful…. I can imagine snow covered land and its beauty..,. after reading the poem. I enjoyed reading it…. Kudos…. Keep it up. Waiting for this change.


  2. Superb…. snow is associated with white colour but you referring as ivory…, ness….. awesome

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  3. 🌫️Beauty described Beautifully !! 🖤 and 🤍 keep it going..straight from your ❤️

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