In this moment we are all together yet our journeys are different. Different goals and ever increasing pedestals that seem to be higher the closer we get. It’s the future that makes run ahead yet we are here stuck together in the present. Together but alone.

Glimmer and dark,
A million sparks,
Stuck in  a continuum
But moving in the dark.
Fleeting but moving
All but together.

Together in journey,
Destiny alone.
The lights may shimmer
As we just scorn.
All maybe lost with nothing to earn,
Alone but in a journey of more.

More ahead,
Even more lost behind.
Sea of haste,
Worries and sighs.
There is a pedestal to reach
Increasing with every scene.

Scenes ahead but now
Is unknown.
In a continuum we are stuck
Together but still alone.

11 Comments on “Stuck

  1. There can’t be any better and candid observation of the present time.Very thoughtful


  2. Very well written Yukta! It is a common feeling, well expressed by you.


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