Chaotic Lullabies

Chaos soon becomes normalcy. And silence a stranger to see.

It’s my lullaby.
The cacophonic tunes calm
The bruised soul,
And slowly as the night grows upon
The ashes rise to nightmare groans.

The noise becomes
A part of me.
Chaotic, crashing, clashing breeds.
Silence is death’s door,
A crucible of quiet, the fear’s lore.

The trembling ground
Rocks me to sleep.
Asphalt and darkness,
An uncursed feat.
Shadows are my retreat.

Orange, red, and bisque,
Clouds of hateful mist.
Its only normality.
Rabid scarlet,
The scent unfeared.

As eyes close
To the sounds of rage,
Lives remain unfazed.
Death is now only a game.
It’s a lullaby,
Chaos it’s stage.

10 Comments on “Chaotic Lullabies

  1. Very deep thinking🤔 u write so well Yukta.Good job. Want to see
    U writing about happy moments.


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