The quiet is what we yearn for sometimes. A sort of stillness with no noisy thoughts, no voices attacking you, no pain. A feeling that the world around you and all its recurring dents in humanity have seemed to have paused. Like there is no one else around you. Just you and silence.

Moons past in crime,
Darkness in light,
Haunting whispers in
Nightmarish skies that lie
Behind sealed cries.

A flooded mind
That drowns within,
It gasps for breath
Through hopes thin
And then pulls you in.

A cloud that passes,
Dark and slow,
Tugging at the creases
Of smiles unknown,
Into gloom, they grow.

Whispers grow into screams,
Clinging to a worthless seam,
It pulls the strings that hold
Unravelling thoughts,
That was stitched and sewed.

I do not know
from where they came,
From dawn, they rise
into the moons that waned,
Pulling, pushing, an unknown goal

Desire remains for
A moment’s glow,
A calm that shatters the noisy domes,
Stillness and rest to the run,
A quietness to the races spun.

When everything pauses,
Nothing spins,
Then would I have achieved
A silence within.


15 Comments on “SILENCE.

  1. What a lovely way to express it. For a change the silence is noticed and appreciated. Excellent Yukta

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  2. This was so well thought of and written. You really were able to help me relate to it! Good job yukta!!!

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  3. Just you n silence…..such a deep thought….when I read it I could relate to it….lovely way of putting into words

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