Nature Speaks.

Sometimes, the most simple things hold unfathomable meaning. The smallest things can teach us lessons for life. For me, Rain is like a story. A story of life and everything in between. Sometimes it’s a conversation between the skies and the earth. And sometimes it’s just music. Music of nature to which the world dances. All you have to do is listen.

The battering notes of wind and sky,
Tinges of green dancing with nature’s ploys,
The soil, an instrument of rejoice
Tunes to the essence of life.

And as those drops of life are born,
Journeys of mystery are formed,
Stories are spelled by the skies
For the earth to remind.

Just as we return to earth,
The ultimate decree of life’s work,
Those soft drops will reap life
As we would.

The skies will part
And terror unfold,
But remember a streak of steel
Will light the world.

And the soft wind will teach,
Whispering life’s mysteries,
Just listen to the harmony,
Everything speaks.


14 Comments on “Nature Speaks.

  1. Rain drops so beautifully expressedπŸ˜‡..keep writing Yukta πŸ‘


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