The world we live in is not a great place, maybe it never was and maybe it never will be. Imperfection, after all, is only human. There will always be something stopping you, pushing you into that dark corner full of fear and angst, making you question yourself yet again ” Why ?” There will always be a voice in the deepest depths of your heart and mind dreading the future. A voice that will make you tremble at the possibilities that exist in a world we live in. The voice will taunt you, seize you and haunt you, but fear, after all, is also just human. You live in this world where you are surrounded by perpetual chaos and ambiguity. However, there is peace. There is solace. And it’s all around you.

A voice resounds
In lowly frowns,
Calling out to fear
In the people it seers.

Uncertainty creeps,
The streets retreat,
The darkness unfolds,
Fear takes its toll.

It touches the heart,
Steers the brain,
Through unknown tears
Of unfathomable pain.

A voice still calls
The fickle frame,
As the shards of dismay
Lie in disdain.

But the sun still rises,
The moon runs deep,
The mellow glow
Returns after a starry sleep.

The wind still kisses
With earthly sighs,
Flowing through
Seasons that fly.

The birds still sing
A harmonious hope,
Croons of life
Rise through the slopes.

It is dark,
It’s always been,
The voices still scream,
It’s human.

But the wind will still sigh,
The birds will still sing,
And beyond those waves
A flicker begins.


10 Comments on “Reality

  1. 👏👏

    “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin”
    W. Shakespeare

    Today we stand united in placing ‘Hope’ as our guiding light.

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  2. Still, only hope, no despair please.wo mard nahi Jo dar jaye mahol ke khuni manjar se, jis hal me rehna muskil ush hal me rehna lajim he Beautifuly worded thoughts………

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  3. Well written Yukta ,a ray of hope always prevails…..God bless you.


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