We, Humans always said that one day we would create something so powerful that it would rule the worlds. Well, today we have. The black, sordid, malicious amalgamation of our evil deeds, unrelenting greed, selfish ignorance and pure monstrosity. A monster that will be our very end and it will all be our fault.

Our fault that generations ahead will never be the same. Our fault that the blue skies would be a myth and green grasses a legend. Our fault that fairy-tales would be about the green lands no one has ever seen. A fable. A myth. A rumour. Whatever you’d call it, it was our mistake that we reached the pedestal where living might just be torture with our homes, prisons. No longer would there be cheering at cricket matches or aspiring athletes. The outdoors will be an unvisited dream.

Then our excuses will no longer be the base for why this wasn’t stopped. The truth will be out and all of us would feel it’s brunt. All will be done by the very monster we nurtured and let grow with our stupid lies and wrongs. There will be an end.

And it’s already started. Doom approaches as we sit with nothing but “What can I do?”, “Why should I care?”. But guess what, YOU SHOULD. This concerns you too because we are in this together at the end.

It might be a little late, but we can still do this. The end is not inevitable. Let’s learn from what been done and move ahead to do what was not done before. Let’s move ahead together. Not just for a green future. But so that WE CAN HAVE A FUTURE.

The black hand
Descended upon,
Choked and scarred
I stood in trance.

The burning air
Wafted through,
And I couldn’t even
See my due.

It prickled my skin,
Killed my sight,
A fighting chance
No longer in flight.

Coughing souls,
Tar-Black hearts,
The darkness descends
To kill our masks.

And we cover our face,
Squirm in fright,
A monster created
Had our plight.

A death that rose,
In the air, it closed.
Our sorry mistakes
Made us it’s dose.


3 Comments on “THE DARK DESCEND

  1. Words used beautifully to convey a powerful message ! Well done Yukta !


  2. Very true Yukta. It’s very scary too needs to be tackled wisely.


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