My dear fellow Indians,
I write this letter because…
I’m scared.

Scared of the uncertainty, the hatred and cries,
The uncountable dying sighs,
The deep roots of planted insecurities,
I’m a victim too
And you can save me.

My world gets darker by the minute,
A new tragedy at every turn in spirit,
Crime is now normalcy,
And fear, a necessity
Is it what we really need?

A new war looms in each corner,
Life is on a burner.
Chronicling despair,
We stand in anguished air.
Is this really fair?

Where differences were our utmost strength,
Now – a mere dent.
Rotting from the core within,
Unified we stand – A myth?
Can’t answer that, my friend.

As we get caught in money’s lair,
I fear this greed,
ripping through the air,
No longer do we even care
Hearts are turning fatal wares

The political tyrannies,
O the devil’s feast!
Service riddled with
Insatiable appetite,
Corruption is just normalcy.

I’m scared of the future I hold,
The taunting future untold.
I’m scared of the hatred the lies
Between a neighbor and I.
I’m scared of the dark,
It’s abysmal calling for sin to embark.
I’m scared of what might become,
Of my country in years to come.
I’m scared,
I’m a victim too.
I need your help. All of us do.


7 Comments on “I’M SCARED.

  1. Can I just give infinite number of likes!?
    Keep the good work.♡♡


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