We kill the soldiers of humanity as they bleed of the empty greed, We forget that each cut is a blow to humanity. Soon when they come to cease they will just be an ebbing memory in painful streaks.

It stood still,
Trembling within
As the steel shown with glee,
Soaring and towering high
But with all vulnerability,
It knew the prophecy.

Each step was a inch too close
It knew its end was here,
And as the moon watched in pain
His light touched the spear,
The soldier of mortality
Knew he was a martyr.

He stared into deaths’ face
He knew his sentence long,
As the corpse of human race
Walked on his home,
He stood there prisoner
Of his dome.

The silver struck it bare
And time stood frozen still,
If only it could stop the act,
Horrendity at will.
Splintering the human kind,
Soon time would tell.

It lay fallen, deceased
Unrooted and decayed,
As it kissed the ground
It’s birth and its grave,
The fallen tree and it’s shadow
Were no more a shade.

– Yukta Bhandari

19 Comments on “Fallen

  1. Your heart bleed for the pain of anybody and everybody.ln the rat race for immediate future gain we are spoiling the future of generations to come.you have timely sounded the wake up call.commemdable


  2. Bitter reality, presented so well . Straight from the heart.


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