Dying Drops

Imagine a life without water. Impossible, right? But the near future shows us that our mistakes are leading us to that reality. So, lets stop today and think for a minute and then pledge to conserve and protect the most precious resource of this earth we call home.

Down from the grey and blue,
chattering and whispering 
with earth brown and doused,
A  reign of the angelic glow,
but these dying drops 
will cease to flow…

Now, there lay a hollow anew 
where the Sun had gleaned in the sparkling blue,
a black Brown stretch of dying centuries 
and a future I don’t wish to see,
Our voracity just growing by,
And this evil thirst just gets in sly..

And when wars and tiffs will unfold,
Each dying drop will be gold,
The gloom full days
prophesied to each soul
And the wickedness,
to fight for what nature in praise giveth to hold…

With thirsty throats will us humans bear
the sin of causing this outflare,
And as mothers and children cry out for their right,
No doubt, this monstrosity was called about,
now let death just fawn upon
this race of unbelievable scorn…

Rippling through this purgatory,
Each drop a new story,
But a scaring truth now awaits
As each morsel will have to wait,
As the dried, dead lands lay in their impending destiny
How much more can u really see?

There will then come a day,
Sooner then what they say,
When we’ll crave for the gift of life,
And ask why we didn’t see the light,
I wish and pray that it won’t be late 
To reverse this ghastly mistake…

Dying drops
For all, I know,
Wish for life and the angelic glow,
The pleased ground
And the rivers fresh
These dying drops can’t come to rest…


14 Comments on “Dying Drops

  1. Very true.
    Superb,well written.👌🏻👌🏻
    We should be alert now otherwise it’ll be too late.Third world war will be for water.

    Liked by 1 person

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