My worlds are tumbling into chaos’ cage,
Voices of change
Suppressed in their rage,
Scared, but to stop 
is not an option I gauge…

Yesterday, the prints 
Yelled our deserving stance,
Today, silenced
Our suffrage shackled
beyond a chance…

Sometimes I walk through these streets,
Fear just greets at every street,
I cannot fathom even my tomorrow,
If only I could smile through this harrow,
fear and sorrow of these shadows…

All I can see 
Is the tumbling slide,
Into an abyss 
where none can hide,
I’m just running from this plight…

Those terrifying thoughts
Haunt my days,
And justice is all I crave,
And I’m fighting for this,
No matter what I fail…

But, I’m tired.
Tired of these fighting days,
Tired of death knocking at my gate,
Tired of letting dreams mislay,
Tired of digging graves,
Tired of fighting for what I rate,
Tired of being a pawn for the world to play.


20 Comments on “Tired

  1. So deep thoughts…. keep thinking, keep writing, keep imaging ur dreams, once it vl definitely fulfill… God bless you…

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