Save Me!

This destruction no longer can I see, I plead thee SAVE ME! This 22nd April (Earth Day) lets join hands and protect the home that gave us being!

I speak to you
With a desperate plea,
Listen with your heart to save me,
This ordeal scorches me, 
My senses can no longer be,
I’m your abode
Save me!

My eyes bleed with pain
Seeing centuries of this disdain,
My children losing their soul,
Greed taking its toll,
Weary hearts and minds,
Living in sorrow
The agony is too hard to swallow.

My ears feel a stabbing woe
Warcries wrench my core,
Many a mother lose a womb,
Many a child left to swoon,
The flesh stains my sheath,
I’m trembling 
Don’t do this to me!

The putrid fetor
I want to deny,
But the adversity just multiplies,
The smoke is killing my insides,
It’s not just the people who die,
The air can no longer support me
This is a catastrophe!

I scream with a mortifying strain
But my cries go unheard in the plain,
My beauty ripped in their ardour,
I’m left bare for their error,
Only in my memories,
Do I know
The sights that were o’ so gold.

The blemishes on my skin
Burn with cries fairly din,
Anger, pain, the multitude,
My rising destruction ensues,
I live a fight forever lost,
Feel my pain 
You’ll know I’ve lost.

I know what the future holds
It scares me,
The darkness haunts me now,
The black clouds are nearer now,
Stop this before we cease to be,
I’m your abode


22ND APRIL 2019

11 Comments on “Save Me!

  1. We are inviting catastrophe by indiscriminate use of mother earth. High time to save earth to save ourselves.very well said.Awaiting your next……..?


  2. Very beautifully written Yukta . Your choice of words is amazing. Makes it a very hard hitting verse. Seeing your passion and love for our dear Mother Earth, I m happy to note that She’s in safe hands in the future with people like you to take care of her 😊


  3. Appreciate your efforts yukta!!!!! Your powerful words are a true eye opener.


  4. How true,this is an eye-opener for all of us.So well written made me feel the pain of mother Earth. High time to do our best to save the earth.


  5. It’s horrific but true. Your writing has once again stunned me. God bless keep up the good work


  6. It’s horrific but true. Your writing has once again stunned me.


  7. It’s horrific but true. Your writing once again gas stunned me.


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