Born into gloom

She was left to stray,

Her cries unanswered

Her happiness at stake.

Her face of innocence

That honeysuckle smile,

But all they saw

Was her gender as a crime?

She lived as a shadow

Her plight unheard,

She knew her life

Was a curse at birth.

She cried tears of pain

As nights enfold,

But smiled with will

To face the world.

She didnโ€™t want sympathy

She just wanted support,

Her belief was strong

And her steps bold.

She is not just a woman

But the soldier of lifeโ€™s war,

Fighting for her existence

Against what is flawed.


strong woman.jpg

“Dear women,


By women I mean each lady who is much more than she is seen,


By women I mean each one who has been underestimated by the world as the one who only needs to sacrifice,


By women I mean each one of you standing there who believes that they are no less,


And this is not for only women to read but for every man’s philosophy

We do not want anyone’s sympathy because,


We are strong enough to be our own support,


We are women who demand our rights and deserve them,


We are strong, independent, and everything we wanted to be, we are the future, we are the present and we are the axis of humanity…. “


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