A Trigger for Justice



The country woke up to a feeling deep like a knot twisting deep down, out there, as the media was flooded with the news of the horrendous crime committed on a little soul who had just opened her wings to welcome the world but her wings were just clipped off too soon. Now she lay strangled by her own scarf as a pawn in the game of religion.

Asifa was a Muslim and her alleged assailants; Hindus who resided in a predominantly Hindu neighbourhood in the highly volatile state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Asifa was just a little girl with curly brown hair who called the valleys her home, saw beauty in the smallest things, just like every little girl in the world. Now, she is a prime topic of debates, power propagandas and accusations as the world slowly realises that within our by lanes of great power and polity lies darkness that one tries to avoid to see. And no longer can they see that little girl smiling away to glory for her favourite food or mothers love but only a memory that gives pain to the hearts who loved her the most.

For the next few weeks, months or maybe years, Asifa will be the name attributed for our country’s law reform and then she shall be forgotten all over again, her name inscribed in some old file with many others of the same fate that are waiting to be opened again until our country witnesses another such instance. For change lies in the soul and our soul demands reform that we never want to console. BY YUKTA BHANDARI

9 Comments on “A Trigger for Justice

  1. Well articulated Yukta…”Beti Bachao” is no more a slogan it is a warning in our country .

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  2. Vandana i really congratulate u and ur daughter..she has written and described the feelings so beautifully…god bless and keep writing πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

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  3. Vandana i really congratulate u and ur daughter..she has written and described the feelings so beautifully…god bless and keep writing πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½


  4. Very well said yukta ! Proud of u as usual ! ❀️❀️


  5. “Humanity “exists only for a handful.. It is now only expressed in words in the form of rage, sympathy, empathy in magazines, newspapers,on facebook, twitter, social media, news channels,radio to be seen, heard, read, discussed and finally discarded ,deleted ..,

    Its heart wrenching when a politician on a public platform quotes “One small incident has damaged Indian tourism”..Oh great!!!so we need to Forget about a soul who was torn into pieces every minute..But focus on foriegners.. B’cause “You the politicians”need money for “World Tour”…

    We as society retaliate with a loud thunder of protest.. But then there is a plethora of politicians in our parliament whose humanity has been sold for money..

    It deepens the scar of many but fails to heal as “The lady of justice”in our court is blind or blindfolded … to nail the suspects in crime. Our Law has always found an escape route for the culprits …so they can happily be back in society for a horrific grind.. Who really knows about it and who really cares.. Coz then it becomes a PAST.

    Humanity has been buried so deep down that it needs to be lightened again with each drop but with actions, with demand in change of law.. STRICT, STRINGENT LAW.. “Demand for it” and “Do not let it be a past”.

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  6. Perpetrators of crime must be made to suffer so horribly so that it’s a detterent to others.Neverthless, to change political class and society in distant future looks like a dream.A peaceful or otherwise revolution may…………?

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  7. Well written Yukta. Very true what you have written that after sometime she will be the part of files waiting to be open again. Justice delay is justice denied. Proud of you that you have come up with this issue.

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  8. This is so beautifully written …just hearing this news was so unpleasant we can’t even imagine what that little girl must have gone through…this article is too good Yukta ..proud of you


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