Walking through the alleys of history, many incidents arise, some wrench your heart to scream while some make you swell with pride. Our eye, gateway to our domicile and words touch the core to deep insides. Passion glimpses in our tradition, but sometimes grows to tie, un-openable knots of offense that cannot be reconciled.

How often do we see our anger hold the swords of ink, but sometimes we choose the wrong cause or mingle through those veiled polities, forgetting where we grounded the ashes of truth in the very same soil it rendered through.

The world changes, we move with time, throwing back ideas that don’t rhyme with the new hymn. Each day will see a new dawn but should we still live with the old norms. Don’t succumb to these shambles of unpolished thoughts. They just have the essence of relative droughts.



  1. Yukta, I’m so glad to see your blog. It’s one of the best ways to pen and record your thoughts.

    Very passionate writing! I must admit it was difficult for me to understand at places but your sincerity and passion shone through. There’s a very interesting thing about writing which I feel is almost ironical – your intent and feelings get conveyed irrespective of your words 🙂

    I loved your ‘about’ section a lot. But couldn’t find a comment box there.

    I see a very promising writer in you. Keep wording your thoughts….in the ink of truth.
    You have discovered the power of words at such a young age. May the force always be with you!

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  2. Great job and beautifully worded! Glad you finally took this up. Looking forward to future updates. 😁

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  3. Very good yukta proud of you, keep penning down. Matured style of writing and progressive thoughts adapted. Awaiting more!


  4. What a analysis of intolerance with diamond wrapped words,I am awaiting when you will pen down your thoughts on tolerance, best is yet to come.

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