Padmavaat V/S India

We live in a democratic secular country, a country where we are taught that people of all religions live in unity, we are taught that we have the right to expression and speech…
Since childhood we are taught that we have (or can) to express our views, our opinions, spread out our creative ideas and that is the essence of our Constitution…
Than why is it that in the same country a nationwide havoc is caused only due to the release of a film! Threats issued, theatres vandalised, streets mobbed, is this what our country really needs, and all this just because some people just “thought” that, that film can cause thier pride harm! Yes, we are talking about the much anticipated film, Padmaavat (previously : Padmavati) and… No this is not what our nation needs.
Since the movie has been on the floors it has faced high amounts of unwanted and definitely uneeded controversy. From vandalising sets to issuing death threats much of this has been done against the law which clearly states that such behaviour is certainly not pardonable.
The film has been under scrutiny of critics and government from a long time, undergoing strict certification from the CBFC but has still not been able to make itself acceptable in the eyes of a FEW people. So, are we sayin.g that a fictitious film about a queen aimed at upholding and spreading pride of the Rajput community is bieng stopped from its release, or our we saying that pride is so fragile that it can be shattered by a single film? Is thier pride so pretentious that a mere film can cause it to be sharded? That is what we need to think…
Is this a clear political game or something else or do people enjoy in adding oil to in the fire of this controversy?
Well we can’t say anything till the film is actually released since none of us actually have omniscient powers that we know what is to come up next? In my opinion i feel no community has the right or power to Shake up the entire state machinery through just a guess made by them…
Will the thumbs up by the SC help the film any further or will our country once again succumb to political and cultural tactics…
Will our country be able to show that a film makes no difference whatsoever to thier pride…
Will our country be able to press on the point  that we too have something other then non – tolerance and creating violence and show them that we are as open minded and tolerant as they want the world to be…
Will our youth be able to show that we our in full accordance with the law. That we don’t  get offended at every second thing flung towards us…
That we respect the law and order. That we have talent running through our viens waiting for a moment to show our true selves
That we are not different people from different countries but are all Indians, proud Indians, proud of our culture proud enough to showcase it throughout the world. All we need is each others support devoid of all negativity, of all intolerance, and just the feeling of bieng one
On the side note, will Padmaavat really make it to the stage it deserves to be at? Well we will only know that when the fight of PADMAVAAT VS. THE OLD INDIA rings in welcoming the deserving winner and a dream of a new India to be created in the eyes of the NEW INDIA!
P.s. Maybe this is what we really needed a open mindset and a united thinking.

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